Windows Workflow Foundation By Jayesh Chudasama

Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine
October 3, 2006, 9:06 pm
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Jurgen Willis’s very good article on “Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine

Rules technology is exposed in two key ways in WF—as conditions on activities and as a forward chaining RuleSet in the Policy activity.

Activity conditions include IfElseBranch – While – Replicator and ConditionedActivityGroup (CAG)

The Policy activity encapsulates the definition and execution of a RuleSet. A RuleSet is a collection of rules with a set of execution semantics. Rules are, in turn, If-Then-Else expressions that operate on the workflow members.

Forward chaining is a very powerful notion that allows atomic rules to be assembled into RuleSets without the definition of, or necessarily even the knowledge of, the dependencies among the rules.

More reading on Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine

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