Windows Workflow Foundation By Jayesh Chudasama

Workflow – Consignment Sale Process
September 21, 2006, 10:28 am
Filed under: Functional

What is Consignment?

Goods shipped for future sale or other purpose, title remaining with the shipper / exporter (Consignor), for which the receiver / importer (Consignee), upon his acceptance, is accountable.

Consigned goods are a part of the consignor’s inventory until sold. The consignee may be the eventual purchaser, may act as the agent through whom the sale is affected, or may otherwise dispose of the goods in accordance with his agreement with the consignor.


  • Consignee
  • Consignor
  • Inventory


Consignment Fill-up Process

  • Consignee fills up Order.
  • Standard Delivery

Consignment Issue Process

  • Consignee issue order
  • Standard Delivery
  • Invoice

Consignment Return Process

  • Consignee returns Order
  • Returns Delivery
  • Credit consignee for returns

Consignment Pick Up (Final Process)

  • Pick up order
  • Returns delivery

I would be thankful to everyone who can kindly expand this business workflow process of consignment.


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